Hey there ⟩ my name is Jo

I’m a design consultant with a twist*

*The twist: I know business

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I’m a business-minded freelance design consultant and I have been for over a decade.

I specialize in designing compelling and intuitive apps & websites—as well as engaging brands—powered with illustration & animation.

However, what really makes me different is that I won’t let pretty graphics distract us from design’s main objective:

To communicate clearly and persuade prospects into becoming paying customers.

“Very quick delivery, high quality execution, and genuinely a very nice guy. Thanks again for designing my products. The labels in particular look fantastic. I will schedule more work for the future.”

Nick Fairley

Founder, Fairley's Fine Condiments

I live to ⟩ DESIGN
Powerful and meaningful branding projects, powered by clear guidelines, a concise message; and consistent fonts, colors and graphical elements.

I love to ⟩ CREATE
Websites and apps that work for you. Because a truly successful website or app, should acquire leads and sales completely on auto-pilot.

I rely on  STRATEGY
I think design is equal parts an art and a science. I believe that design should follow content, and content should follow strategy.

My Latest Projects

Showcase of my work from 2016 and beyond; including branding, stationery, packaging, websites, online stores, mobile apps, video editing, illustration and animation.
“Why don’t you come and get it!”♬

I my clients

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