E.C.O.S.—Education with Meaning

Branding & Stationery

The Challenge

The identity of a school is a particularly difficult challenge, as it doesn’t just represent its collaborators—it also plants in its students the seed of what they wish to become.

The Approach

My client and I sat down and decided to base the identity on a concept that reflected his ideologies: the echo. This is the representation of how a concrete action generates results, back and forth, over time.

Brand Identity

The value of education resides in the development of the students’ capacities. E.C.O.S. contacted me to design an identity for their organization.

E.C.O.S. is a new type of school which focuses on teaching the most meaningful and valuable subjects.

The future is written by today’s effort. Becoming a model of education and knowledge requires a progressive environment.

The E.C.O.S. School is a community focused on the development and evolution of its students—on preparing them to become leaders and symbols of greatness.

The brand as a whole represents what a school should be for a student: a trigger of curiosity, and learning—which echoes through the student’s personal and professional development.

The name E.C.O.S is both the Spanish word for echo, and the initials of Educación con Sentido.*

*Translates to: Education with Meaning.

A school with a well-defined identity is essential to the students. It functions as an emblem and a guideline for the student to follow.

Symbol Design

The symbol’s design is a composition involving many different graphical elements—all of which are symbols of one same message: “leaving a positive mark in the world”.

The letter “e” in the center of this intricate design, is the initial of the School’s full name, while it also and stands for Excelence in Education.
E.C.O.S‘s students are:

symbols of greatness

the echo of knowledge

pillars of the community

people who leave a mark

Stationery Design

An incomplete identity can negatively affect both the students and the teachers in areas such as motivation, discipline and even attendance.

On the other hand, a well thought out identity can lead to having a better culture overall as it guides students and teachers towards clear goals and reachable objectives.

That’s why having a strong identity, along with all of the stationery and collaterals in order is such an important step towards building a respectful institution.

Jo's Notes

Working with E.C.O.S. School turned out to be a pleasant glance at the past. I realized that each part of the educative process gives us qualities that eventually makes us who we are today.

That’s how I came to know that teaching by itself is irrelevant—it’s only meaningful when the students understand its purpose, when they feel that their education has meaning.

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