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Branding, Stationery & Illustration

The Challenge

The Internet has replaced some other forms of traditional media. Nowadays social media can be anything from a sales tool, to a news outlet. This Netherlands based social media company prefers to see it as a way of making new friends.

The Approach

For this project, the three founders of iAm Social Media agreed to become the cartoon characters of their own logo to prove the most important thing in life is to have a good time. Cheesy? Maybe. Exciting? Hell yes. Fun? Definitely! And that’s the point.

Brand Identity

This brand understands that, to connect with its clients, first it needs to earn their trust.

The iAm mascot cartoon characters were designed to look like the founders, and at the same time resemble the company’s name.

The personality of the owners is what gives life to iAm. To develop the brand we used a minimalistic and colorful design.

The communication style is casual to generate empathy with the people and maximize the brand’s recall: a logo so full of life its impossible to forget.

Stationery Design

To complement this particular style, unique phrases were created for each founder’s business cards and digital signatures.

We used phrases like: “Have a Colorful Day!”, “Red you soon”, “Blue-Bye”; and “Y’ellow there!”

This way you get a very unique and original corporate identity that’s easy to remember.

Besides, it’s easy to mentally link the brand with its line of business, which leads the brand to position itself in the client’s top of mind.

All advertising and stationery material follows the same design, we’re looking to use unique dynamics that are in accordance to the brand.

For example, instead of sending emails with dull and flavorless messages, we send custom and colorful letters. It’s the little details that brighten up people’s day.

Even though Social Media is iAm’s craft, passion and profession, they understand Social Media can mean different things to different people.

But mostly, social media is a place for sharing and entertainment—which is why positive feelings like fun and curiosity are at the center of iAm’s brand and communication.

Jo's Notes

Definitely one of the most original projects we’ve done so far. By creating these three little characters we started to imagine the incredible adventures they might enjoy together.

When I was looking at the monitors full of color and the smiles on my teammates, I couldn’t help thinking how fortunate we are to be doing what we love every day.

I feel proud of what we achieved. Maybe someday I’ll see this characters on the paper’s comic strip or with their own webseries. After all, I practically have the whole first season written down in my mind.

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