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The Challenge

Adam Giddens, the owner of IHouseU started with a very clear vision: to become the go-to website for all house music related content. That’s why he hired me to work on IHouseU’s branding, brand manual, website and web design style guide.

The Approach

The biggest inspiration for working on this project came from this music genre itself. With a marathon of house music in the background, patterns started to emerge quickly. Once the brand was set in place, we designed the website with a mobile-first approach.

Brand Identity

IHouseU is a website and blog full of news articles, interviews, songs and reviews relevant to the house music industry.

From its beginning and its roots, house music has always been super charged with energy and the IHouseU brand needed to reflect that as well.

Symbol Design

For their logo, I decided to create a vibrant icon inspired on the flow of sound waves. I created an ambigram with the letters “I”, “H” and “U”—using intense colors full of life that communicate the true essence of house music.





The IHouseU Symbol as an Ambigram




180º turn

Branding Manual

Along with the symbol and the colors, I designed a 20-page Branding Manual and Web Design Style Guide to help me and IHouseU’s team have a clear direction of this and future design projects.

Once this manual done, the rest was mostly just filling in the blanks, imbuing IHouseU’s identity with the same vigor that house music genre produces.


Web Design

After getting their new brand in place, IHouseU was so happy with the way I captured their idea into a visual style, that they opted to develop their brand and communication strategy even further by redesigning their website from the ground up.

For this, we used a mobile-first approach, making the layout responsive and the menus super visible and color-coded.


Jo's Notes

I really enjoy designing Branding Manuals. This service is not for everyone, but whenever a client agrees to have a manual designed, I really experience the difference. The whole project seems to go smoother.

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