M.F.A.—Legal Advisor

Branding & Stationery

The Challenge

Mauricio is a great laywer, he’s been working with me for a long time. This project was my way of saying thanks for his hard work.

The Approach

Combining the shape of the scales of justice with Mauricio’s initials—M.F.A.—I created a symbol for him that projects formality, justice and experience.

Having a good lawayer is something that we all need but few of us are able to find.

A laywer’s brand is the reflection of the lawyer’s professionalism—that’s why having a strong and elegant identity is the first step to establishing a relationship of absolute trust.

Symbol Design

The scales of justice is a symbol that’s essential to every lawyer that fights for what it’s right.

Combining the scales of justice with the client’s initials made for a very unique logomark.





Stationery Design

The color black is the most representative of elegance.

Imposing respect and authority is essential. The color silver performs a similar function, as well as achieving a fantastic contrast.

The design is minimalist and the message is clear and immovable: “The most important thing is your peace of mind”.

Jo's Notes

Mauricio Fuentes Arteaga is a great lawyer who’s business lacked a distinct visual identity for a long time.

Knowing of the power branding has over customer’s perceptions, I decided to design his logo and stationery.

Mauricio has done a lot for me and my clients. He’s our legal advisor, the person in charge of writing our contracts and making sure they’re fulfilled. He’s helped us stay professional in all of our endeavors.

Thank you very much for your service!

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