Music Line—Musical Instruments

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The Challenge

A passionate company needs a passionate identity. Music Line contacted me because they wanted to start an online store for musical instruments and accessories. They were also looking for a bold, powerful identity to go with the store.

The Approach

For the logo I decided to use a simple bold font, with a vibrant green and blue contrast, and clever use of negative space. Once the branding project was ready, I helped the client set-up their online store and they were ready to go.

We all have a passion for music. I’m sure you’ve felt the need to learn how to play an instrument at least once or twice in your life. 

I don’t know if you have a favorite instrument, but if you do, that’s where Music Line Store comes in. With the best instruments in the market, they have a wide catalog for almost every taste: electric guitars, basses and other string instruments as well as percussion instruments, synthesizers, amplifiers and other accessories.

While I was designing the logo, I found a way to represent how music can be anywhere, even where you least expect it. To accomplish this, I used the negative space between the letters “M-u” in “Music” and “L-i” in “Line” to showcase the shape of an electric guitar.

The guitar is one of the universal symbols of music. It provokes supernatural emotions and is one of the most pleasant sounds that anyone can hear—which is specially true when you’re the one playing it.

With this, the message is transmitted with the same passion with which you can play a guitar solo; give yourself to music, and music will give itself to you.​

Jo's Notes

When I realized I had a musical project in line, I instinctively started playing the air guitar in celebration. Although to be honest I prefer my actual electric bass guitar.

Once I needed my hands to design, so I picked my favorite playlist on Spotify and got to work.

Speaking of guitars, when I thought about it, I felt like I had to find a way to include an electric guitar into the Music Line Store identity.

Including the shape of a guitar pick as the background for the logo, however, was 100% the client’s direction. And I did think it was a great idea.

As for me, even though I love design and digital marketing—I might have missed my calling as the greatest professional air guitar player of all time. The world will never know.

Long live Rock & Roll!

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