Pigs Burgers—Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Branding & Stationery

The Challenge

Diego and René, founders of Pigs Burgers, had a very clear idea of what they wanted for their brand: “Pirates” was the key word. This turned out to be a very interesting challenge, we had to represent an aggressive image, while keeping it attractive to the public.

The Approach

This time around I teamed up with Dany Villarreal from www.designbydany.com​ to illustrate the distinctive Pig’s mascot. Our idea was to simulate a pirate flag with a pig’s skull and a couple of crossed bacon strips.

Perfection has arrived on a food truck and it tastes like delicious bacon. Pigs Burgers brings a whole new dimension of taste to your mouth. Make the most of it or you’ll walk the plank, matey!


Sorry vegetarians and healthy-eating enthusiasts, this is not the place for you. Pigs Burgers is a different and extremely delicious proposal.

From the moment you see its pirate flag and its incredible hamburgers you will feel your legs shaking and your mouth melting from excitement.

This icon gives Pigs Burgers a strong, powerful—yet cartoony—image which makes it approachable and appealing to meat lovers of all ages.

Evidently the brand’s conversational tone is extremely casual, putting formalities aside to present their own style openly. We got some of our inspiration for this project straight from street art. This gave us the opportunity to explore a new side of design.

All kinds of graphics were designed for Pigs Burgers; pins, aprons, T-shirts, packaging, stationery, even Pig masks.

The objective of this project was an aggressive marketing campaign that promoted market participation and highlighted its casual, careless—yet passionate approach.

And it worked.

Pigs Burgers has been growing exponentially every month since the project started. What began as a small food truck, has become a big local restaurant.

And with the help of great brand and marketing strategy; we expect them to have a Pigs Burgers near you in the future.

Jo's Notes

With such an appetizing idea, I must admit that Dany and I had a great time working on this project together.

It was easy to understand the owners’ vision, but the real test was to achieve the brand speaking directly to the customers’ desires—communicating feelings of joy, craving and lots of flavor.

This was such a fun project, partially because of the design style that we used and partially because of the burgers we sampled—​It might’ve been mostly because of the burgers now that I think about it.

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