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The Challenge

Premier TEFL is a website that helps people find an english teaching job anywhere around the world.

When Peter, the owner of Premier TEFL, contacted me, I started researching about his niche, while looking into his website’s analytics and overall reach.

The Approach

I discovered that Premier TEFL users, like most people interested in the Teach English as a Foreign Language niche, are young, in their teens and twenties; and looking for an opportunity to earn some money as they travel around the world.

The best thing an information company with a young demographic can do is being modern and having a simple, attractive, and intuitive design.

That’s why I teamed up with Dany Villarreal from​

Together Dany and I worked in redesigning Premier TEFL’s identity to turn it into something more in-line with the spirit of teaching—and the freedom and flexibility of this company.

To create the logo, Dany and I combined the shape of an apple with a speech balloon to represent the propagation of knowledge.

In american pop culture, the apple is one of those objects that are associated with the beautiful profession of teaching, customarily offered as a thank you from the student to the teacher. The speech balloon—on the other hand—represents an exchange of ideas and an open communication.

Symbol Design

In the end, Dany and I invented this new symbol, which is easy to understand and at the same time expresses so much with so little. A unique and simple shape with a rich and complex story.

Jo’s Notes

Our original idea was to use a pair of glasses or books instead of an apple to represent the art of teaching.

Something that I’ve learned is that it’s never too late to go back to the drawing board when necessary. There’s nothing like pencil and paper to get ideas out of our creative minds.

Rethinking things together, gave us great results at the end. Our client agreed this was the best way to represent his business and he reported getting more than twice the student sign-ups since getting his newly branded website up and running.

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