Q10—Oil Group

Branding & Stationery

The Challenge

This is an oil franchise project based in Tijuana. The business intention behind it consists on giving a more personal touch to standard gas station services—and convince investors that the quality in customer services is very profitable for everyone involved.

The Approach

After a meeting with the owner, we noticed he already had the general idea for his brand—it was just a matter of helping him organize his thoughts and deliver exactly what he was looking for.

Brand Identity

Q10 is all about achieving the maximum quality both in product as in customer service.

That’s why we decided to transmit two complementary messages with the name Q10. For one, the letter Q is associated with the concept of Quality—additionally, the number 10 represents the perfect grade or score, unbeatable.

The second message has a more technical origin. The coenzyme Q10 is the substance responsible for generating 95% of the human body’s energy.

By putting these two messages together, you get a great combination of a mission statement and a product definition.

“Q10” represents both the fuel, and the excellency in customer service which the brand seeks to achieve.

The idea is simple but powerful: Positivity and fuel are both essential to move forward in the world.

Jo's Notes

For this project, I worked closely with one of my Partners, Ramiro Zamudio. 

With his experience working in oil companies, he helped me come up with the concept behind the project. He’s also the man who wrote the contents of the Q10 franchise manual.

Together, we chose warm colors to represent the human side of service, capturing the individuality of the project in an industry that is known for being regimental.

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