Scout—Brewing Company

Branding, Stationery & Packaging

The Challenge

When the Rodriguez brothers told me about their idea of creating a new and delicious artisanal beer, I was amazed to see their passion in undertaking this adventure.

A new adventure just as the hundreds of adventures they shared in the past getting deep into the woods, leaving it all behind to feel the rush and excitement of not knowing what nature has in store for them.

The Approach

Freshness. Strength. Freedom.

These are the sensations that come to mind when I think of Scout, a branding project I did for this delicious Pale Ale—with a subtle touch of pepper.

When I heard about the project, I immediately thought of the indomitable Scout’s spirit—and the pride of being part of such an honorable institution.

Brand Identity

The Scouts are famous for having badges to commemorate special achievements. We decided to give Scout’s Pale Ale a badge of it’s own.

I included the robust image of a stag as the company’s image because it represents a great energy and equilibrium.

Its powerful antlers brings confidence to the mighty king of the forest.

The laurel around the Scout stag fully represents the institution’s most important values:

History, courage and tradition.

Jo's Notes

I have something in common with the Rodriguez brothers. For many years, I too was a member of the Boy Scouts. 

After our initial discovery meeting, we got to talking and realized the three of us managed to become Eagle Scouts, the highest rank in the program.

I went to many camping trips when I was younger, not only because I was a Scout, but because my father was a big fan of nature. It was a great experience sharing my adventures with the rest of my team. They did a marvelous job capturing the essence of the Scouts.

As to the Rodriguez brothers, they’re doing great. Scout Pale Ale was a success and now they’re looking into creating more products. And we’ll be there to help them.

Scout’s honor.

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