Smart Aura—Automated Home

Branding & Stationery

The Challenge

Controlling every detail of your house exactly the way you like it used to be a fantasy only shown in science fiction movies and cartoons.

Today, it’s a reality thanks to products like Smart Aura.

Control the temperature, lighting and security of your home with the smart products and services of Smart Aura, and discover a whole new level of comfort.

This client came to me needing to fully develop the idea and give it a clear concise messaging and brand.

The Approach

To work on this project, I researched the different qualities that the average family looks for in a home. I found out that families first and foremost prioritize having a secure and comfortable environment in which they can be themselves and enjoy quality time together.

That’s how we figured out the ideal concept for this technological product: an Aura that follows you from room to room—always conveniently connected—giving you the protection and freedom you deserve.


Brand Identity

There’s nothing more comforting than coming home after a long, stressful day. Your home is your castle and you’re the king. Home is where your heart is, home is where you’re always safe to rest and regroup to face the challenges of your day to day life.

That feeling of harmony and security is what Smart Aura’s symbol is all about: a barrier that surrounds you and your house to turn it into a fortress.

Symbol Design

I designed the symbol by playing with negative space. The area between the human shape and its aura of protection forms the letter “A” of “Aura”—which also ressembles the shape of a house.

The different references in the icon where designed to reinforce the brand’s message. Even every triangle represents a feature you can control with Smart Aura. They all come together to form this unique symbol.









In a traditional home almost everything is black and white: lights are either on or off—windows closed or open—doors locked or unlocked. Not with Smart Aura.

Stationery Design

For the stationery, I used the colors blue and white—as well as a lot of clean open spaces—to strengthen the feeling of peace and tranquility that Smart Aura offers.

Jo's Notes

What Smart Aura offers is almost complete control of your environment. With a product like this, you can always have proper lighting depending on the activity you want to do; adjusts the AC to the perfect temperature—and even give access to the right people at the right time.

But for companies like Smart Aura to find success, they first need people to trust the system. That’s when solid branding becomes the most importan asset a company can have.

For the moment, Smart Aura is still in a prototype phase. Personally I can’t wait for the product to hit the market.

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