Southern Hills—Homebrew Supply

Branding, Stationery & Packaging

The Challenge

Robb Burden contacted me because he needed an identity for his company. He opened a home brewing supply store inside a wooden cabin and he wanted a logo and stationery to get his business going.

The Approach

For this branding project I took advantage of the rustic style his company already had going for itself—I decided to keep that visual style to create a strong, memorable brand that would match his cabin.

Brand Identity

The classic Southern Hills style was a fundamental piece on creating its brand. We decided to create a logo full of white space to represent that every home brewed creation is free of influences.

​Like a blank slate, the client’s mixtures will be unique, designed to their own taste.​

The cliend and I chose a pair of barley plants in symmetrical arrangement as a foundation for the rest of the logo, barley being the cereal that’s most used in beer brewing.

The rest of the logo is a representative icon of the location and a name of the store in two complementary fonts: A classic cursive type and a smaller sans serif type which makes it easier to read and remember.

We also included the store’s location. It is now an integral part of the logo and works as a way of capturing its identity and so that its roots are never forgotten.

Jo’s Notes

When Robb saw what we had achieved together with his brand, he was really excited and couldn’t wait to wear his very own branded Southern Hills Homebrew Supply cap.

Since this branding project was completed, Robb has attended numerous expositions where he’s been able to promote his branded products and show the world his formalized company.

Inside the Southern Hills Cabin

The first receipt and the first dollar ever made by Southern Hills Homebrew Supply hangs proudly from inside of its cabin’s wall. And trust me when I tell you, thankfully the store has made many—many—more dollars after this one.

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