Steps—Specialized Pedicures

Branding, Stationery, Packaging & Web Design

The Challenge

Trust and relaxation; two necessary elements to feel comfortable in your skin. With this two concepts in mind, Steps was created. This is a new franchise for specialized pedicures that will give you the perfect excuse to wear your new open shoes. 

Steps hired me to create their branding strategy. They needed an identity that told their clients “Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. We’ll take care of you”.

The Approach

For this project, we decided to emphasize the aspect of relaxation to give the client a feeling of profound calm. To achieve this, the first element that stands out is the use of dark chocolate color.

This is an ingredient commonly used in beauty treatments and it is well known that consuming chocolate products helps us release endorphins: the hormones of good feelings.

The concept of tranquility, relaxation and cleanliness had to manifest in each of the visual elements—from the façade of the building to the employee’s uniforms.

Brand Identity

For the logo I created a custom script typography.

I made a special effort to stay away from sharp angles that are usually interpreted as being aggressive; and instead drew the logo in a cursive style to stay in tone with the relaxation theme.

As a distinctive element, I combined the letter “S” at the end of “Steps” with the shape of a footprint, improving the brand’s recall.

Stationery Design

I also designed all of the brand collaterals, such as stationery, promotional products, a branding manual and interior design elements.

All of these elements use the same colors, while many of theme also have a wavy texture that further supports the sense of relaxation—like the waves of the ocean. All of these elements combine to give prestige and class to a company whose purpose is the well-being of its clients.

Jo's Notes

For this project I did an unorthodox but fun experiment. Sometimes the best way to be productive is by doing things in a relaxed and deliberate fashion.

Before starting, I stopped doing what I was doing; took a deep breath and let things flow. I told the rest of my team to do the same.

When we relaxed, different types of imagery popped into our heads.

By paying attention to those images we started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Little by little the brand began to take shape, until we achieved this wonderful result. And the best of all is that we did it almost entirely stress-free.

​Maybe some of my future projects won’t be as relaxing as this one, if so, I’ll have to put my complimentary Steps Rewards card to good use.

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