Stiva—Real Estate Development

Branding, Stationery & Web Design

The Challenge

Stiva is a real estate company that needed a boost to its branding strategy. With many years in the market, Stiva has some of the best real estate developments suited for every different lifestyle. However, they know there’s always room for growth. They wanted to be seen as a more approachable company and increase inquiries.

The Approach

We decided to show the emotional side of the brand: it’s not about housing developments—but about homes where families make their lives. It’s about developments that offer incredible opportunities to make dreams happen. We worked this new concept on all branded materials, including a new mobile-friendly website.


The brand was revamped from the ground up

Previously Stiva used too many different colors on their branded messages and their copy was not getting the results they expected. I helped them target their message to their customer personas.


The website had a mobile refresh

We worked on the new website with a mobile-first approach, making sure it looks amazing on all different platforms and browsers


A set of digital illustrations were made based on some of Stiva’s most iconic real estate developments. This illustrations where used all around the website to show the other side real estate: “Every building starts as an idea, as a dream.”

Icon Design

During web development a series of icons were designed to represent each of the four Business Units that stiva has: Industrial, Commercial, Vertical and Housing.





Brand Identity

For the brand revamp, we took all the unique elements of Stiva and gave them a freshly updated vision.

The emphasis of the logo doesn’t just reside on the icon anymore—this time the colors and the font take a prominent place too. This allows the brand to have a stronger and more memorable graphical identity.

Stationery Design

The printed materials follow the same design style as the web elements. The logo on the center and the corporate colors give the stationery an elegant and easily identifiable touch.

We worked on a set of guidelines for the brand. Both the logo and the icon can be used to represent the brand separately. However, correct use of corporate colors, security spaces and minimum sizes must be respected on every graphic element.

Jo's Notes

When Stiva told me they wanted to renovate their brand, I was very excited to work with them. Rebranding is a big decision for a company like Stiva.

I love this kind of projects because it allows me to participate in a company’s rebirth. I’m always honored to be part of the process and I’m happy to say the new branding was very well received both in and out of the company.

After the project was done, I helped Stiva’s marketing team send out a branded broadcast email to every Stiva employee talking about the new direction for the company.

The staff is now more aware of what Stiva as a brand stands for, and the website is already driving more real estate enquiries towards their sales department.

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  • Boost in total monthly inquiries 39%
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In the end...

The shared visions between Stiva’s team and mine allowed us to find a new horizon to strive for as creatives.

I trust that Stiva will keep providing security and the highest standards for its clients for a very long time.

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