You Can—Wearable Emotions

Branding & Packaging

The Challenge

We live in a world where social media knows our every move, yet we often forget that the best interactions happen face to face.

You Can gives us the opportunity of connecting with other people through clothing. Our life and emotions stop being hidden and start communicating our passions and daily challenges.

The Approach

To develop the brand we did a little introspection about our interior and exterior identities. We realized that we can feel one way, but express ourselves in another; creating an inner conflict. This is natural in human behavior, but it is far from ideal in branding.

To remedy this, we chose one simple guiding concept, we called it “You Can”.

You Can is an entirely new clothing brand I created for a client. Sometimes, to experience life to the fullest, we need to wear our emotions on our sleeves. With You Can you’ll be able to tell the world—and most importantly, yourself—that today is the day you finally start living, and that you’re ready to face life with the best attitude.

Each concept represents a personal challenge. You can decide to become more adventurous or more affective—chasing your dreams or overcoming a challenge—inspiring your friends or looking for your own happiness—finding inner balance or becoming a better version of yourself.

Symbol Design

The icons were designed with the idea of giving a simple and abstract value to concepts that are hard to understand and express.

Wearing your emotions becomes a simple declaration: I’m free to express myself and I’m capable of facing new challenges.









Packaging Design

The packaging design shows that these are products of the highest quality possible, You Can apparel is already selling well, proving that it has come to compete with the premium local brands. And they’re not holding back.

Jo's Notes

You are what you wear. In the case of me and my friends, I guess that means we’re memes, superheroes and big blank spaces. But no more!

When working on this project, everything from the logo, to the icons was a matter of contrasts: each design can either show where you currently are in your life, or where you intend to go.

If each category is easy to identify, then it’ll be easy for the wearer to get into personal growth mode.

Sadly, my request for a limited edition category called “You Can Eat Tacos” hasn’t been answered yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

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