Hi, I’m Jordi Querol a designer and entrepreneur who has been immersed in branding and web design for the last decade. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to study hundreds of different businesses—and start a few of my own—I’ve come to realize most businesses brand themselves in an impersonal way. I’m convinced that a brand must not attempt to replace human connection—but amplify it.

That’s what I strive to help you accomplish. I believe making a real connection with your market is the big breakthrough your business needs to grow and become hugely profitable. Let me help you harness the power of assertive communication to grow your business through a plan that involves strategy, design, and development.

Learn about my process...


Discovery & Sketching

From the moment you hire me, my process is very straightforward. First we’ll have a conversation about your business and what it needs in order to improve and grow.

Once we have a clear direction, I’ll start brainstorming and mind-mapping as necessary. After coming up with a sizeable pool of ideas, I will now grab pencil and paper and start sketching those ideas to find the right one.


First Prototype

After the sketching phase is done, I will start narrowing down the ideas until I find what I believe to be the absolute best one for your business. This idea is the one that we will use moving forward. Once selected I will polish the idea to make a digital prototype which will be sent to you to gather feedback.


Feedback & Revisions

Depending on your input, we will either move forward with the prototype or head back to the drawing board. If you’re not completely satisfied with the proposal I’ll go back and explore some of the other avenues or keep experimenting with fresh new ideas. Otherwise I will move on to make the final adjustments so that the final product matches your expectations.

We’ll go as many rounds as needed.


Deliver Finished Project

I’ll guide you through the entire process. However I’ll never fully commit to anything you’re not entirely—100%—happy with.

Whether you wish to delegate the job or work closely with me, that’s your choice. I believe that, no matter how experienced I am in what I do; you’re the one who’s been working on your business since day one, so you should always have the last say.

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